how to fix not enough space in flight gear


I bought a new notebook with better specification than my old notebook, in my old notebook i can play flightgear well, but in my new one i can't run it.
there is a problem, it is written : 

unknown exception in the main loop. Aborting...
Possible cause : Not enough space

after check my disk, i find that i have a lot of space, and i believe that is not the cause of the problem.

"for information, my notebook use NVDIA with optimus technology"
we know that stuff has so many problem

so i try this way :
1. go to the NVDIA Control Panel, by right click in the dekstop
2. go to Global settings, in the preferred graphic processor choose high performance Nvidia processor
3. and then click apply

after do that, i try to run the flightgear, and finally i can play it well

"Warning : i have tried to right click on the flightgear shortcut, and choose run with the graphic processor : high performance Nvidia processor. but it still could not fix the problem. so you must do those 3 steps above"

if you have same problem with me, just try this
fill your comment below so that i know the result
Thank You


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