I went to Adisucipto International Airpot on June 29 2015, I was happy because this is the thing that I've already dreamed about. I had already packed my clothes for 3 months, because I would go to Duri. It is a nice flight, it was on time, because it was Garuda Indonesia.

So when we arrived in Jakarta, we took taxi to senayan Tower, that was my second chance to go to Asia Africa and Sudirman street, because in March I participated in Imagine Cup at Bursa Efek Jakarta Building. It is such a huge building guys and it is an elite office. But imagine we enter the building with suitcase and backpack. Maybe the security was curious why we went to the office. But thanks Chevron, I have already been in Senayan Tower once. So we are checked completely with metal detector and we are given ID card.

After we arrived at 12th floor, Chevron IBU office, we are welcomed warmly by HR. And from 10 AM until 4 PM, we had a short briefing for UPP Program, that include, HES moment, business and ethics, and data privacy.  We booked 3 hotel rooms because the next day we would go to our internship location.

We went to Halim Airport in the morning, because our flight is at 7 AM. We flied with Transnusa to Dumai Airport. From Dumai to Duri, it took about 2 hours. Everything went smoothly. They had already prepare everything for us.

We arrived at our dorm, so in Duri there are some complex, there are Merapi, Krakatau, Leuser, Seulawah, Sinabung, Kerinci, and Talang. We are at Talang, the place for junior engineer, single employee, and mahasiswa KP/TA.

So i just want to share you guys the interesting experience.
  • "Work had, play hard" That is a nice motto. We almost did it. But literally we "Work Normally, play hard". We play hard there, because after 4 PM, we didn't know what to do, so we went to Gym, played billiard, went to Karaoke, and swam on monday.

  • People say "Eat like a king, workout like a lion". But we "Eat like a king, sleep like a baby

  • We learn about safety. The value that Chevron had taught somehow is sticking to me. Chevron value is "Do it safely or not do it at all".
  • To be continued


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