So this is the last part of this article : TODAYSTORY : CHANGE (HOW)

Respect your self
So one time a man had a girlfriend (he was lucky), he by his initiative promised that he would took his girlfriend to beach in this Sunday,  to krakal beach. He kept saying that, and told his girlfriend, that there they could spent the time by seeing sunset, drank es kelapa muda, and enjoyed the water. But in the Saturday night, suddenly he canceled the trip, because on Monday he would faced exam, so he had to study at Monday. I don't know what his girlfriend's feeling was, maybe sad, but because she loved him so much, (I already told you he was lucky), she was not angry. I hope I will get girlfriend like her, lol.

But what if her boyfriend did the same thing again and again, make promise and break it. What if he repeated it in the next week?. Yeah, sorry my man, your lucky can't work anymore, you are single now.

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So what is the point, don't set so many goals, don't try to change many things in one time. Respect your self, you can get hurt too, if you break your own promise. Be realistic, and love yourself. If you want to change something, change one thing you want to change, and don't expect extreme result, give it time. If you break your own promise, that will hurt as what other people feel when you break your promise to them. The saddest thing, if you lost trust from yourself, you will stop to try. So, if you don't want to hurt your self, don't promise it to your self, by don't set many goals or unrealistic result in the short time. I've experienced this so many times.

The last thing for today : JUST DO IT
You know why I made this blog? because I've failed many times. I want to change, I want to change my procrastination habit. But I failed so many times, just like what I have done today. I have skripsi to work, but I spend my time doing another thing. From 7AM - 4PM was doing rubbish. The consequence is I must sleep at 5 AM, after posting this porticle.

I write this blog, not because I already perfect. Hahahah, no I just want to share the experience as the worst self manager or perfect procrastinator. I am still struggling.
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The best quote in the world is "Just do it". Don't think too much, don't plan too much, just do it. Everything is rubbish if you keep watching TV and don't start. Just do it my bro. Change means now. Let's change together, and share our success story together.  So it's all for today, this is time to me to do my stuff and live the real life, hahahha, Just do it!

I want to share you last quote, I have made this according to my experience:

And  you fail, try it again. And if you fail for the second time, try it again. There is no law that force you to quit, it is up to you. Even God forgive you so much times. Why you don't forgive your self and give it another try?

If you are confused about the meaning of procrastination, click here

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