so when you fail, try it again. And if you fail for the second time, try it again. There is no law that force you to quit, it is up to you. Even God forgive you so much times. Why you don't forgive your self and give it another try?. 

My Toefl test is postponed to  Thursday, so this article still be written in English. And I still hope you correct my grammar if you notice something wrong. And I think blogging give me advantage on my English progress, because in the last article there are some my friends who care to my grammar and correct it for me. Thanks.

So yesterday, I write about "what is the reason that we want to change", in this article. And the question arise, why is it so hard to change?

Because Life is not like the movie.
So this is my story, 2 months ago, I joined  an internship program. There, I met many friends, some were women :) but still men dominated the number :( but that's not the point. There after working time, at 5 of 6 pm, I often went to gym. Please let me explain, I went to gym not to get my abs six-packs  but just want to loose some weights, because "somehow" I get  extra 5 kg  there, lol. 

So I regularly went to gym 2 times a week, it was hard and tired. In the third month, one of my friend and unfortunately that friend was man, wanted to join with me, so we went to gym together. But after we workout that day, in the dorm, he kept saying "mana sih ben? otot nya gak ada nih aku, ah malas, katanya bisa jadi nambah". You know , i just didn't know what to do that time, i just think evil "oh please, you newbie". LOL.

Bro, how can somebody's bicep be bigger after one day going to gym. Just imagine this, if 
you hope your bicep be instantly  bigger after one day going to gym, so what is the shape of somebody's bicep like arnold, who go to gym every day for years?
Of course you can't imagine it, because the muscle will be shuttered like this picture

So thank God,  God gives us chance to try hard and work hard to get something we want. That's why Arnold body is not shattered (pecah) until now because it is not as easy as my friends thought.  And that's why my friend's bicep didn't change to be bigger instantly. We have to earn it. 
And the funny thing is, I imagine how our mother would look like, if to make muscle be instant, cause she carried us every day when we was child, she cooks, she washes, she cleans the room, oh man, child's weight can be heavier than barbel. And FYI, doing housework is more tired than what my friend did in his first workout in the gym, (thanks mom for doing it), and our mom does it everyday, but fortunately our mother is not look like this picture, lol.

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Everything can not be achieved instantly. If you want something instant, just imagine the picture above. And say, thanks God, we have to earn it. It is not in like the movie, everything needs process. Even in the movie they show the main character give effort to achieve it.

Because we can not see it.
Here my other story, so every time I went to bathroom when somebody just took a bath (mandi), I smell the nice fragrant or perfume, I always think, what is my friends soap or shampoo?, why the smell is so nice. And then I changed my soap and my shampoo.

In the another chance, my friend just finished his bath, and i went to the bathroom, and, bro why is the smell is so nice. finally I went outside and saw what my friend's soap brand was, and you know what? The brand was exactly my last shampoo brand that I changed. I didn't understand, why the smell is so nicer when people use it. lol. had you ever experience it too?

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You know what the point is?, Yes, it is because I have already familiar with my own soap, I can notice it well. So if you want "to change", and you don't see the change happen, please don't get frustrated. You are difficult to see the change in you, because you can't see yourself well. That's why, every time you go home when holiday, your parent said "kenapa kamu jadi lebih gemuk nak? atau kenapa kamu jadi lebih hitam?", yeah they see the change well, actually I hope they said "wah kamu jadi tambah ganteng ya?", but they never, lol.
You change, take it easy, respect yourself.

But I just want to make sure, if you don't give your best, don't think that you change a lot. You have to earn it. sometimes your expectation is different from reality if you don't give your best, like this picture, :D
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