Guys, today's story will be written in english and bahasa Indonesia. Because I want to train my written skill before face the toefl test tomorrow. And I need your advice and suggestion if you notice something wrong in my grammar.

Let's talk about "Change", because people like to change.
So what is change? 

To change means we want to be different from our present condition, we want to transform. But why do we want to change?, there are some reasons according to my experience, they are :

We are not satisfied with our self, because we compare it to other, so we want to change. 
For example, you see your friend's face now is brighter and flawless, you ask her, what is your secret, girl?, she reply "now i am vegetarian, i don't eat meat and junkfood". After hearing that, you are motivated to change, because you want skin like your friend. So you stop eating meat. In the first day, you are satisfied, yeayy this is so great, and also in the second day, you see your other friends eat ayam goreng, and you are laughing inside and say "ohh look these omnivora, so awful".  But in the fifth day, you ditraktir makan di waroeng steak, you want to reject it because you are vegetarian now, but finally you say "screw this, let's go"

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Others or circumstance force us to change. for example, you were single, and you had a bad habit, you change your clothes every two days, it's so smelly, but you just didn't care about it, because there is no person to harm, just you with your smell, lol, but now you have a girlfriend, and you know what, you have to change your habit, unless you want to be single back.

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It comes from your self  Someday, you have your skripsi to finish, and you have plan to finish it tonight, and you turn your laptop on, waiting the windows ready, man there is so slow, and after it's ready, you click twice your microsoft word shortcut, and you wait again until it's ready, but after it's ready, you are not ready to to start your skripsi. So you decide to open youtube, open your favorite channel, watch some video clip, watch 1-2 casey neistat movie,  and now you don't have video you desire to watch, and now you see video you have already watch, and you watch it again, and after that check your facebook timeline, scroll fast. Finally you are conscious, crap, it has been 6 hours, and you don't touch your skripsi yet. And it is at 2 am in the morning, you are too tired to do your skripsi, and you decide to do it tomorrow, but when you want to sleep, you think, "why am i so awful like this?", and you think it again,  you are sad, and finally you decide "I want to change!!!". 
But tomorrow, you forget that you want to change. lol

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The last, You change because something big happen. 

You already watched Kingsman the Secret Service movie?, Eggsy's life is a little bit messy, he think he is not lucky as other kid out there, his father died and his mother married with bad man, and he just live his life like that. Until he meet Galahad. Yeah, sometime we change because something big happen.

Those are some reasons why people want to change according to me. To change is good when you want to be better. But sometimes what we think better is worse actually. But not at all. Like, you want to change to be a healthier person, or you want to change your habit not to smoke. that is great. Change to be better is great. But the problem is, to change to be better is so damn hard, isn't it?


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  1. Cie yg lagi ngehitzz *prokprokprok*

  2. Cie yg lagi ngehitzz *prokprokprok*

  3. Bagus ceritanya ben 👍
    Kemajuan tidak mungkin terjadi tanpa adanya perubahan. Let us start the change we want to see, the change that begins in me.

  4. Bagus ceritanya ben 👍
    Kemajuan tidak mungkin terjadi tanpa adanya perubahan. Let us start the change we want to see, the change that begins in me.

    1. Terimakasih Samuel
      That is right. Sering-sering mampir ya