Christmas is a commemoration or celebration of Jesus birth long time ago, it is a tremendous moment on earth and in heaven, and for me it is everything, because without it my life is meaningless. Before the first Christmas, according to Bible, the people who received forgiveness only Israel, to receive it they must make sin offerings or give kurban, and only Israel who are able to do that, it means that people but Israel would go to hell, because people are sinful, and the price of sinful is death and punishment. I am not included into Israel, I am Indonesian, and in the past we didn't know God, we are hopeless, and the sad thing is we din't even realize about our hopeless because we didn't know which is the wrong and the right. But God is love, He gave his only son, so that all nation could receive and realize His love, Jesus come to the world as the last sin offering God give by Himself, so that people's sin will be clean and forgiven. That is the first Christmas, it was the happiest day for people on earth, it was a remarkable day. Light has come.

There is no others thing more precious than forgiveness. Like a person who will be received death punishment from the court because he break the law, and suddenly it is cancelled and the man can be free.  It is the purpose of people life, to enter the heaven. And I already have guarantee for that. that is why I must be the happiest person on earth and with others who believe in Jesus too. But the fact is sometimes  I forget about the price that I have already won freely, sometimes I am too busy thinking the world's matters. Instead of feeling joyful, I too often feel worry about my life.

Christmas happened once, but the joy and the happiness is for forever, because God have loved us, and His love for forever. So let's make everyday as Christmas day. There are no reasons for me not to feel happy and joy.


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