I have studied electrical engineering for 4.3 years,  I will defense my dissertation on January 4th 2016, and finally if everything goes as planned, I will graduate in February. Spending more than 4 years to have under graduate degree of electrical engineering is a long process and it needs hard efforts, from me and also from my family. There is a lot of money spent for tuition and for my living, thanks for my Parent who are trying so hard to manage our financial so that I can live here. I also have spent my Christmas without my family for 5 times. No pain no gain, we have to earn it, the point is not I want to complain about how hard the process is, but I just want to tell you that I have passed a long process.

We, the college students, that have gone through that process are very happy about our graduation, we want to show and share our happiness to the world that we have succeed to achieve our degree, it is remarkable, and that is why the college student who just graduated recently want to share their happiness by posting their graduation photograph and update status. It is so nice for us to show the world that finally we make it.

But I choose a different way to share my happiness, I don't want to share my photograph in Facebook or others social media. I want to enjoy the moment, say thanks to God, say my grateful to my parent, give the best smile I have to others, and pray for my friend who is still trying to graduate. But I also want to take photograph of my graduation moment, just want to show that to my children and my grandchildren that I have given my best. My main reason is because when we graduate, others are feeling sad, they are the friends who have not graduated yet, I don't want in the one of my happiest moment, there are people who are sad and desperate. I know about it because I felt it before, I am included into people generally speaking who are late to graduate, because I followed internship program at Chevron for 3 months, when I found graduation photograph of my friend in Facebook, I am actually happy for them yet sad for my self, but I easily can move on. The worst thing is there are a lot my friends who are down as soon as they see it. That is why I declare I don't want to post my graduation picture at least 2 year from my graduation.

Important note, I don't blame my friends who posted their photos in Facebook or others social media at all, that is solely their rights, it is one of their way to share their happiness. I just want to try another way to express the happiness.


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