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New year is coming soon, and for majority of people that moment is used to do something important, to make resolutions. Before we make such a massive lists that  we want to achieve next year, first it is better to check our resolution in this year, how much resolutions is still on the back burner (W A C A N A),? or do you forget them?. Don't make a new ones until we can evaluate the reason why we can't make this year resolution come true.

Would you want to know what is the most resolution people make every new year? This morning on purpose I googled "New years resolution" and I found lose weight at the top, get organized at the second, saving money at the third, and surprisingly  there is fall in love at the ninth (jones). From the statistics, the funny fact is a quarter of people give up at their first week, maybe on the third or fourth day, and less than half of people is still doing their resolution.

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I am also a fan of making resolution, and also included to the people who give up at their first week. It seems to me the reason I fail is because I forget about the reason why I made the resolution or maybe I didn't define the reasons clearly why I should do the resolution when I made them. The supporting fact is like this, imagine we had defined clear reason about why we should do the resolution, for example I commit that I want to write an article every day and post it to my blog, the reasons are it will improve my writing skill, it will improve my English, and maybe it is useful for other people. So the reasons are so clear. Because the reasons are clear, it will give advantages for me, in the first week I am motivated to do that because I still remember why I should do that,  in the second week the memory about that is slowly disappearing, it is maybe because we found new things attractive to do every day, our memory about the resolution is overwritten by these new things, that is why we stop doing what we want to do at the beginning, because we lost our motivation. It is only my thought, share your opinion below.

And question arises, there are other activities I still do regularly, why my memory about it is not lost? Let's discuss about it tomorrow.


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