A Program to Learn English Day-1 30 Day Challenge


I've committed to do 30 day English challenge, the program that I created myself for a more effective and efficient way to study English. This program is very practical and applicable because we will not only talk about grammar and theory but will practice the usage of English in the real life. There are 4 main activities in this program, which are watching, reading, writing and speaking. All the materials can be seen in my Instagram account (@upgrade.coy) and my Youtube channel (@upgradecoy).

This how the program works, every day there will be new material and guide. For instance, in the morning every participant watches 60 sec video and repeat that video until they can write every word of the video's dialogue in the comment section. This is really helpful because the participants are actively engaged. The new video with subtitle will be posted later so that the participants can check their results. Then the participants must post their own video on Instagram imitating the video's dialogue and writing hashtag #upgradecoy in the description box so that every participant can see and help each others to correct their pronunciation. This method will boost our confidence to speak English.

In the night every participant will be served new material to read and review. And in the end of every day they must write resume or anything like status on their social media so that they can train their writing skill. The participant not only learn about English but also practice discipline and build new habit like reading and writing which are very useful in the study or work life.

This program will be launched on Saturday, May 3rd 2017. To know more about this program follow my instagram @upgrade.coy and my youtube channel @upgradecoy.
Thank You for reading, upgrade coy!


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